Company Profile

New Guinea Gold (NGG) is a premier junior explorer and miner, with an exploration lease surrounding its Sinivit Gold Mine in East New Britain Province, PNG. Having commenced mining in 2007, NGG is actively seeking to expand production through extension of known mineralisation and further discovery.

The Sinivit Project is located 50 Kilometres south south-west of Rabaul in the Baining Mountains of the Gazelle Peninsula. The mine is currently a series of shallow open pits from which gold oxide ore is extracted. The mine covers the central 900 metres of the Wild Dog structure which is hosted within the reginonal scale Nengmutka vein system. This vein system has a known strike length of over a 10 km and is covered by NGG's exploration lease EL 1140

The Company’s shares are traded on the TSX-Venture Stock Exchange.

Petroleum Engineering - The Quest to Find and Recover more Oil

Petroleum is basically crude oil or fossil fuel, a naturally-occurring liquid that is found on certain geological formations underneath the earth's surface. This crude oil is a result of thousands of years of organic dead organisms, often algae and zooplanktons that have been buried, heated and crushed under immense pressure underneath sedimentary rocks. Crude oil is referred to as 'black gold' as its value in our modern day world makes it a valuable commodity for any country that is rich in oil and has massive production of this very valuable liquid.

The truth is that crude oil is very important in this modern day era. In fact, petroleum is so valuable for the survival of any country that any oil crisis that leads to the ceasing of its delivery to non-petroleum producing countries can lead to a lot of product inflation. The very reason why product prices will surge up is because the low supply of petrol means that there will be increased demand over it leading to its price increase. Since many products get delivered by cargo ships, trucks, container vans, and other form of vehicles that uses petrol for engine propulsion, the high price in petrol means that product owners and distributors will have to make up for the high price of gas by increasing the prices of their good and commodities.

These days, almost everybody knows just how important petroleum is and how we cannot survive without it as of yet. Currently, oil-rich countries that are major players and producers of oil are slowly starting to deplete their wells and reservoirs. The world's oil is slowly being depleted as our insatiable appetite for petrol has become even more intense.

Countries in the Middle East along with Canada are known to be the world's top player in the oil industry. Government assigned and controlled petroleum companies try to seek other means to find and gather oil so that they can fully tap on the reserves that they have. Different technological advancements on how crude oil is mined and obtained have helped in maximizing its production. have become more adept in taking this challenge. Allocations of different teams concerning analysis, evaluation, assessment, drilling, recovery, and refinement of crude oil has advanced significantly as compared to the days when men were only starting to unravel the usefulness of crude oil.

The petroleum industry is a cutthroat market where different petrol companies try to outdo, outsmart, and beat their competition in their own game. Through the assistance of better and more qualified petroleum engineers along with more state-of-the-art oil drilling and recovery tools and equipment, any site or area identified to have rich oil reservoir can now be tapped to its full potential, avoiding any wastage and damage to the environment.